One network, many voices

The Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Network is a strong and diverse community-based network of individuals and representatives from agencies and groups taking a coordinated approach to creating quality natural resource management outcomes for the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment. UMCN values knowledge sharing, networking, collaboration and inclusion, and is the regional leader in facilitating communication between the community, NGOs and government agencies.

Ready to get involved?

UMCN brings together a diverse range of people from across the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment who represent community, groups and organisations involved in natural resource management, and we would love for you to join us. Membership is open to individuals or organisations that have an involvement or interest in natural resource management in the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment.

Images © Fiona Dyer

Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment

The area in which the UMCN operates consists of the upper catchment of the Murrumbidgee River comprising of the watershed upstream of the Burrinjuck Dam wall. The headwaters of the Murrumbidgee River originate within the Fiery Range of the Snowy Mountains and the river flows southward towards Cooma before turning northward flowing through the ACT to Burrinjuck Dam and beyond.

The Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment covers over 14,000 square kilometres and takes in urban, peri-urban and rural land over two states, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. UMCN recognises and addresses the complexity of government jurisdictions across the region and provides a neutral setting for networking, collaborating and achieving shared objectives. 

The Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment population is over 560,000 residents. Land uses include sheep and cattle grazing, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, reserves and urban and peri-urban development. Canberra, lying within the ACT, is Australia’s largest inland city, and the only major city in Australia located in the headwaters of a catchment.

The UMCN continues to focus on water issues in the Upper Murrumbidgee River including:
– Water Quality and Security – Online Forum
– MDBA Community Engagement – General Meeting
– Draft Murrumbidgee Regional Water Strategy – Meeting Attendance and Submission
– The Forgotten River – General Meeting
– Working together for the river – forum