UMCN Executive Committee

Diverse and experienced

The UMCN Executive Committee is comprised of member-elected individuals from community groups, businesses, government organisations and academia. Committee members contribute a rich diversity of expertise and experience to guide the activities of the UMCN.

Our Executive Committee


Angela Calliess
Ginninderry Conservation Trust
Program Director, Conservation Corridor

Committee Member

Tim Chaseling
Icon Water
Team Leader


Fiona Dyer
University of Canberra
Associate Professor in Water Science

Committee Member

Jenilee De Landre
ACT Government NRM EPSDD
Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator

Public Officer

Rebecca Widdows
Yass Valley Council
Natural Resource & Sustainability Officer

Committee Member

David Barratt
Alluvium Consulting
ACT Regional Manager


Deb Kellock

Committee Member

Glenys Patulny
Southern ACT Catchment Group

Committee Member

Martine Franco
Southern ACT Catchment Group
Executive Officer

Committee Member

Karissa Pruess
Landcare ACT

Post-Fire 2020, Badja catchment north-east of Cooma © Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch